Smart Sensor Products

Product Category

Door Sensor

Door sensor , Door alarm

Siren Alarm

So und-light alarm, Alarm with gateway, Alarm with Temp sensor


Motin sensor, Human motion sensor

Alarm host

RF Alarm host, 2G Alarm host, 4G Alarm host


Wall emergency button, Carry – one mergency button

Fire Protect & Alarm

Smoke detector

Zigbee & Wi-Fi & BT Smoke Detector

Gas Alarm

Zigbee & Wi-Fi Gas


Temp & Humidity Sensor/Weather Station

BT & Wi – Fi & Zigbee , with screen sensor , without screen sensor / Professional weather station

Water leak Sensor

Wi – Fi & ZigBee , wireless sensor , wire sensor

Air detector

PM 2.5 、 CO2

Luminance Sensor

Zigbee sensor