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Small Heating Appliances

Heater, Electric Blanket, Electric Fireplace, Electric Heating- Table, Towel Disinfection Dryer


Console Fan, Tower Fan, Desktop Fan, Hanging neck Fan Handheld Fan, Air cooler Fan, Recirculating Fan, Ceiling Fan, Bladeless Fan

Small Cooking Appliances

Air Fryer, Sous vide, Pressure Cooker, Bread Maker, Kitchen machine, Rice Cooker,

Heating Appliances


  • Weekly schedule control: Monday to Sunday
  • Timer reservation/Countdown, remote preheating in advance
  • Electric Fireplace: 3D lighting control, a variety of lighting control switch, flame light control, fire power gear color switching
  • Electric Blanket: partition app control,left and right/up and down zone control, partition temperature adjustment, voice control, partition appointment timing/countdown
  • Fault alarm, overheating/dumping push messag
  • Remote control: app/voice control, voice access to all platforms
  • Scene linkage: interconnect with sensor scene



  • Remote control: open, close, gear adjustment, mode, head shaking, night light, sweep up and down, sweep left and right, etc.
  • Time appointment function: formulate weekly procedures according to personal habits
  • Custom mode: add selling points to the product
  • Report the working status of the equipment to brand owners for equipment monitoring
  • Connect with devices in the system
  • Voice control: support voice control on six platforms including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Xiaodu of Baidu, Dingdong of Jingdong, Xiaowei of Tencent and Naver Clova