Smart Apartment

Room& Tenants

Room Status-Vacant, Occupy, Room Manage-Add, Delete, Modify, Common Area Manage, Guest& Tenants check in/out records

Alarm Manage

Realtime Leak,SOS etc…, Alarm push to control center, Push notification to tenants via SMS, Email

Device Manage

Device status- online, logs, firmware etc., Set scenes and automations, Network card Iissuance

Energy Manage

Energy consumption analysis, Monthly energy consumption ranking

Smart Access Solution

A total access solution for Property Staff, Tenant and Visitors

  • [Hotel] Support Guests to change room status like no disturb, please clean, door bell etc.
  • [Rentals] Support open door lock with password code, Card and H5 program.
  • Easy to retrofit exiting lifts, suitable for 90% of the lifts.
  • Support lift control with face recognition and QR code
  • Face Register for staff、Tenant
  • Authorize face and QR code access to selected AI Pad
  • Support face,card and QR code to access
  • Tenants can share temporary QR code for visitors to access

Smart Access Solution

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