Smart Large Home Appliance

Appliance Category

Air Conditioner
Washing Machine
Gas Boiler
Clothes Dryer
Smart Heat Pump
Water Heater
Ventilation System
Air Conditioner


  • General functions: realtime control, realtime status, quick toggle settings
  • Device sharing: Support family management and device sharing
  • Group control: Support control of a group of devices of the same type
  • Timer: Provide timing function and multi-time segment appointment and set weekly schedule control
  • Energy Consumption Statistics: Provide rich statistics interfaces and multiple statistics dimension
  • Sleep curve: support to set temperatures and wind speeds for up to 12
  • hours´╝Ť intelligently adjust temperatures
  • Safety reminder: Provide multiple message push manners and issue
  • targeted notifications of equipment failure and alarm
Water Heater


  • Remote control: heat water in advance
  • Weekly program control: provide multiple weekly programs for selection and customize water heating time
  • Map fence: start the water heater when the GPS system detects that you are less than 5 kilometers to your home
  • Energy consumption statistics: view electricity and water
  • statistics in real time and manage electricity and water scientifically
  • General advantages: App control, UI failure alarm, App message push, smart scene linkage, cloud timing control
  • Voice control: support voice control on three platforms:
  • Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Yandex Alice


As a central control device, Smart TV can controlall On Tech devices and control the execution of the set scenes. And it can also be used as an entrance forintuitive interaction with users, real-time feedback device related information, and support push video doorbell video message intercom.


  • Mobile APP control & Voice control
  • Different ways to play on TV
  • Support device firmware OTA upgrade
  • Powerful data and operation platform
  • TV version APP
  • Push abnormal news to know the situation at home in time