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Baby Feeding Products

Babycook, Baby Sterilizer, Milk Kettle, Milk Dispenser, Smart Milk Kettle, Breast Pump

Baby Safety & Care Products

Baby Bassinet, Sleep Monitoring Belt, Camera, Alarm Clock, Infrared Temperature Sensor, Smart Night Light, UV Germicidal Lamp

Intelligent Milk Maker

  • App remote control: one-button brewing milk powder
  • Daily APP records of feeding data and growth curve
  • Super cyclone high temperature cleaning technology
  • Automatic UV sterilization and air drying technology
  • When not working, the intelligent milk machine can automatically cruise and sterilize every 2 hours for half an hour to keep the healthy environment.
  • It can be used for several days after filled with milk powder, and adopts the space cabin isolation technology to avoid the milk powder from getting wet and deteriorated
  • One machine for multiple purposes

Smart Bassinet

  • The Smart Bassinet is an infant bed that helps your baby fall asleep while keeping your hands free
  • You can control these functions by using the control pad
  • Configuration with Amazon Echo & Google Home

Sleep Monitoring Belt


  • Non-wearable sleep monitoring belt, protect your sleep without feeling
  • Real-time monitoring of heart rate and breathing rate, so that every breath and heartbeat can be seen
  • Sleep report, abnormal alarm, personalized sleep advice